wer einen 5er oder 6er notes client auf citrix einzusetzen will, der sollte unbedingt das jeweilige dokument beim ibm support lesen – denn: nur so wird es von ibm supported!

Basic Steps for Installing Lotus Notes 6 on a Citrix MetaFrame Server
How to Install Notes R5 Client on a Citrix MetaFrame Server

Simple but effective – batch utility for ICA/RDP sessions logoff:
– Logoff all users with exception of one preselected user
– Logoff all sessions owned by selected user
– Logoff only users from either ICA or RDP sessions

TekStop – selective user logoff batch utility – und auf der seite gibts noch eine menge mehr praktischer tools

Check out this really cool little application which allows a user to configure about every setting and create a connection to a MetaFrame server or a published application. It will also allow you to create an ICA file for launching at a later time. It is a really a killer little application and I think you will find it might help.

Bandwidth Analysis Tool for monitoring ICA & RDP traffic patterns

It’s free and it monitors NT4 Terminal Server and Windows 2000 Server with Terminal Services Installed
Display network usage for any Terminal Connected to any Thin Client Server over RDP or ICA, TCP/IP or IPX
Information displayed includes Bytes transferred per second, timeout errors, %age CPU used by the connection, memory used etc.
Individual connections can be combined to display a summary of network usage, useful if you need to check traffic over a 64k or 128k line.

sollte auf 2003 ebenfalls funktionieren

So, what is IMAPing? It is the solution to these problems!! Once installed, it will monitor the IMA, Spooler and NetLogon service to verify they are functioning properly and if they are not, then send you an e-mail notifying you there is a problem and that IMAPing will try to restart the service! It is that simple and that powerful!

leider keine freeware, aber es gibt eine evaluation copy…

Dannis Damen, one of the two DADE Power Tools guys (see their other tools) and an employee of Login Consultants has created free utility called ReconnAct! that runs on a Terminal Server and creates two environment variables: CURRENT_CLIENTIP and CURRENT_CLIENTNAME. These variables are automatically updated when a user connects from a different client.

To use this tool, you simply add a small 18kb executable called ReconnAct!.exe to the users’ or servers’ logon scripts. This process writes the two environment variables and updates them whenever one changes.

The best part is that you can also configure this tool to run a process (script, executable, etc.) whenever one of these parameters changes, so we finally have a way to update printer mappings when users log on from other workstations!


via brianmadden.com

Ever since Microsoft began bundling Terminal Services with Windows 2000 Server, users have asked, “Why should I pay for Citrix when Windows Terminal Services is free?”

“Sometimes you shouldn’t,” says Tim Reeser, chairman and CFO of Engineering Computer Consultants, a Citrix Platinum Reseller in Ft. Collins, Colo., and author of the recently published book Citrix MetaFrame for Windows Server 2003: The Official Guide. “When people ask, I tell them that for any deployment under 75 users, you can do reasonably well with just Terminal Services.”

Decisions, Decisions
Citrix vs. Windows Terminal Services: Learn More

bei systemtools.com gibt es paar sehr nuetzliche tools fuer die terminalserver administration – allesamt gratis!