Compression Configuration Tool

ISA Server 2004 SP2 introduces HTTP compression. The configuration settings for HTTP compression apply to all HTTP traffic that passes through ISA Server to or from the specified sets of source and destination IP addresses, rather than to traffic handled by a specific rule. These settings are included in the Web Proxy configuration. Except for the settings that specify the minimum packet size and enable range compression, these settings can be configured in ISA Server Management. With SetCompConfig.vbs, you can configure the minimum packet size and range compression.

owa publishing question

i am wondering if it is possible to publish exchange1 using the url
and exchange2 using

(where exchange1 and exchange2 are in different domains)

but i can’t even get exchange1 working; i’ve tried to use the following paths:

external path ==> internal path
/something/exchange/* ==> /exchange/*
/something ==> /exchange\

/something/exchweb/* ==> /exchweb/*
/something/public/* ==> /public/*

in this case forms based login is provided by exchange, not by isa. the login page is loading, but no images are shown; looking at the source code of the html page shows that they are refering to instead of . i’ve also played with link translation, but it did not change anything. i especially do not understand why link translation is not working – it just does nothing.

does someone have any suggestions how i can get this working?