owa publishing question

i am wondering if it is possible to publish exchange1 using the url
and exchange2 using

(where exchange1 and exchange2 are in different domains)

but i can’t even get exchange1 working; i’ve tried to use the following paths:

external path ==> internal path
/something/exchange/* ==> /exchange/*
/something ==> /exchange\

/something/exchweb/* ==> /exchweb/*
/something/public/* ==> /public/*

in this case forms based login is provided by exchange, not by isa. the login page is loading, but no images are shown; looking at the source code of the html page shows that they are refering to https://www.domain.com/exchweb instead of https://www.domain.com/something/exchweb . i’ve also played with link translation, but it did not change anything. i especially do not understand why link translation is not working – it just does nothing.

does someone have any suggestions how i can get this working?