Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer

The Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer represents the individual knowledge of Microsoft engineers, information about product support issues, and best practices guidelines. This knowledge is transferred into a series of eXtensible Markup Language (XML) rules that can be run against deployments of Microsoft Exchange to deliver a thorough health and status check on the system — perhaps exposing hidden configuration problems that will become critical issues later or identifying errors that can be more easily corrected now than later. The tool operates from a remote workstation — it is not necessary to load the analyzer software onto the Exchange server itself.

via MS PressPass; hier gehts zum download

der “Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer” untersucht 2000er und 2003er landschaften; 5.5er nur, wenn sie teil einer mixed-mode topologie sind.

Key Features

  • Automatic download of the latest best practices so that the combined experiences of the top Exchange Server experts at Microsoft are available to you
  • Minimal installation prerequisites
  • Negligible impact on overall system performance so you can run the tool anytime
  • Detailed online or local documentation about any reported issues, including troubleshooting tips
  • Configuration information and other data can be captured for later review and for basic tracking of changes over time