DominoScan II presents an “attacker’s eye” view of the security of Lotus Domino web servers and bespoke Notes applications. Although DominoScan II is stand alone software running on Microsoft Windows (NT / 2000 / XP) it can audit Lotus Domino web servers that are running on any operating system.

DominoScan II employs a proprietary technique developed by the NGS Software development team known as “Database Structure Enumeration”. This technique allows DominoScan II to find every single view (hidden or visible), form and agent within a database (even where ACLS access protection has been invoked). After enumerating every document, DominoScan II will then perform a battery of tests on each and every single document. In total, DominoScan will enumerate and audit over one hundred sensitive and default databases, and put each of these (and the documents within) through a vigorous set of vulnerability assessment checks.

via ngs software; allerdings leider nicht frei erhältlich