No conspiracy: Microsoft, IBM to blame for Domino’s decline

In a single word, how would one describe the mood of the Lotus user community? Depressed.

Following our recent column on Lotus conspiracy theories, we asked our readers if they believe there is a secret tech industry conspiracy to keep Lotus Notes and Domino down.

However, the majority of respondents told us that there’s really no conspiracy. Users believe the decline of Notes and Domino is directly tied to slick marketing on the part of Microsoft, and IBM’s inability to respond in two key areas: effective marketing and its user interface. A flashier, trendier UI, users said, would help improve decision makers’ opinion of Notes.

Even though the Notes and Domino community still believes its platform is far superior to Microsoft’s, users are upset that IBM is seemingly content with its “also-ran” status, making them feel like second-class citizens.

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