free joeware tools

gibts hier:

AccExp – Account expiration tool.

AdFind – Active Directory query tool.

AdMod – Active Directory modification tool.

ATSN – IP to Subnet/Site Information tool.

Auth – Authentication test tool.

ChangePW – Administrative password set utility.

ClientTest – GUI socket test tool.

CPAU – Create process as another user.

ELDLL – Event log resource DLL.

ELDLLEx – Event log resource DLL pair, see docs.

ExchMbx – Exchange Mailbox command line tool.

Expire – Bulk password expiration tool.

FindNBT – Scans networks for Windows machines.

FindPDC – Verifies PDC can be located and responds properly.

GCChk – GC verifier, lingering object checker.

GetUserInfo – User information display tool.

LG – Local group manipulation tool.

MemberOf – Display user’s group memberships.

NetSess – Session enumeration tool.

OldCmp – Old User/Computer maintenance tool.

Quiet – Launches processes in background.

SecData – Display security info about users/computers.

SecTok – Enumerate groups in security token.

SeInteractiveLogonRight – Grant logon locally rights.

SidToName – Convert SIDs to user friendly names.

SNU – Network share connection tool, primarily for monitoring scripts.

SvcUtil – Service infomation display tool.

Unlock – AD Domain unlock Tool.

UserDump – Dumps basic user info for all users on machine/domain.

UserName – Display current userid in multiple formats.

W2KLockDesktop – Lock desktop.

WriteProt – Write Protect arbitrary disk volumes.