Own your very own 128-bit Uniqueidentifier (GUID)

ich hab ja schon vieles gesehen, was bei ebay zum kauf angeboten wird – ich kann mich z.b. noch gut an das wlan kabel erinnern 🙂

aber das schlägt alles:

Finally, a gift that is unique for every person on Earth … and then some. It’s the perfect gift for someone who has it all. If you are the highest bidder, you’ll receive 16 bytes, which is 128 bits, and 36 hexadecimal characters to say “you’re great”, “I love you”, or “you rock” to that special person, software, or data item in your life.

Here is a sample (your’s will be different) …


Act fast, and we’ll throw in the 0 bits for free. That’s right, you only pay for the 1s.

wer bitte ist so dumm und kauft das? zumindest 7 personen, denn die bieten mit…