Lotus Domino Web Access client performance improvements

With the Domino Web Access 6.5.3 hotfix (included in DWA 6.5.4 and later), Domino Web Access boasts an improvement in client response time of 30 to 40 percent (most notable on low-end machines) over DWA 6.5.3 without the hotfix. Beyond the hotfix, there are measures that both administrators and users can take to improve performance. But a performance improvement in one area may also have an unexpected impact in another area. To make the right decision, you need to know the options available to you and the impact your decision may have.

This article presents the performance results for the Domino Web Access 6.5.3 hotfix. It also describes the settings that administrators and users can use to improve performance and the expected results of using those settings.

also: upgrade auf 6.5.4 !