Windows Server 2003 Performance Advisor Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Performance Advisor (short name: Server Performance Advisor 2.0) is a simple but robust tool that helps you diagnose the root causes of performance problems in a Windows Server 2003 operating system deployment. Server Performance Advisor (SPA) 2.0 collects performance data and generates comprehensive diagnostic reports that give you the information you need to analyze problems and develop corrective actions.

This management pack is designed to help you collect distributed data and consolidate SPA 2.0 reports for centralized review. Features of the Management Pack are summarized as follows:

– Comprehensive performance diagnosis reports which lead to corrective actions
– Scheduled performance data collection
– Distributed performance data collection
– Rule-based initiation of performance data collection

The Management Pack for SPA 2.0 provides performance diagnosis for server roles, such as, AD, IIS, DNS, and Print spooler. Examples include:

– Alerts indicating performance issues (e.g., responsiveness, resource usage, configuration) of certain server role or a general system
– Events indicating tool issues (e.g., data collection failure, missing template data)
– Automatic and distributed data collection