geht das (Is there a setting in Lotus Notes to control whether a return receipt is sent?)?

No, that functionality does not exist in Notes. An enhancement request was submitted to Quality Engineering as SPR# PTRI5DVNZM; however, there are no plans to add the functionality in Notes 6.x or 7.x.

warum wäre spannend. denn: das wäre ein wirklich billiges und auch sinniges feature – vor allem in komnination mit der möglichkeit per policy steuern zu können, ob die anwender das global abstellen können. aber: ist nicht. danke

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  • They can always borrow the code from OpenNTF Mail Experience. It’s not like they haven’t done that before 😉

  • hipslu says:

    well, i don’t understand that – would notes/domino be a microsoft product, ms would try to buy openntf and implement all those cool things – but (in my opinion) it seems like ibm doesn’t really care about which features domino admins and notes users would need for their work…

  • I’m sure you must have read some of the discussions around that theme last month.
    If not search for ‘nifty-fifty templates’ 🙂

  • joe says:

    who didn’t. it would be nice to have those nifty fifty follow up templates, but there are many other missing features when talking about the base functionality – to be competitive, ibm should care about that. but big blue ignores that for sure.

    that said, i think we should stop wasting time by talking about this topic – i will not change anything