Notes auf einem USB-Stick

“Nomad” nennt sich das ganze, und ist ein neues feature des 7.0.2er clients. doch das wirklich coole daran ist, dass ihr dazu euren ältesten usb stick verwenden könnt – denn laut ibm benötigt das ganze nur 256kb:

The ability to load the Lotus Notes environment on to a USB flash drive or memory stick — Now with version 7.0.2, users can insert a 256 KB memory stick loaded with their Notes environment into the USB drive on any computer, and with a few simple steps, access their Lotus Notes environment from that computer, whether Lotus Notes was previously installed there or not. When the user is finished and removes their memory stick, none of their data or the Notes icon is left exposed on the host computer. For machines that have a companies’ VPN access present, this feature can provide a fully connected environment just as it is on the users own desktop. For machines without VPN access, this feature provides Lotus Notes in offline mode, similar to using your laptop on an airplane.

via ibm