Enterprise Search Training – for free!

kaum zu glauben – massenhaft videos, und dann auch noch gratis!

Deep technical training from Microsoft is rare, and where it does exist, it’s virtually never free…

We have worked with the SharePoint Product Group, the US Partner Readiness Group, and Microsoft Studios to produce high-quality, technically deep training. And guess what? It’s FREE!

folgendes erwartet euch:

Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – Enterprise Search Overview
Module 3 – SharePoint Search Walkthrough
Module 4 – Search Architecture and Deployment
Module 5 – Crawl and Query Processes
Module 6 – Relevance Ranking
Module 7 – Customizing the End-User Experience
Module 8 – Developing Search Solutions
Module 9 – Business Data Catalog Search
Module 10 – Extensibility and Integration for Search
Module 11 – Search Administration
Module 12 – Security for Search
Module 13 – Performance, Scalability, and Capacity Planning
Module 14 – Search Operations