eine registrierung, knapp 80mb download – und du bist dabei; bei der Microsoft Windows Update Services Open Evaluation

dazu noch das Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Microsoft Windows Update Services lesen, und es kann eigentlich nicht mehr viel schief gehen; bei mir hats zumindest gut funktioniert. die neuen funktionalitäten sehen wirklich vielversprechend aus!

das MOM 2005 Resource Kit beinhaltet ein sehr praktisches tools namens “PasswordUpdater.exe”
mithilfe dieses tools kann man nach einer passwortänderung eines ad user-accounts diese änderung auf x servern bei folgendem nachziehen:
– Windows Services (Account Name)
– COM+ Applications (Identity)
– Task Scheduler (Run As)
– AT (Service Account)
– VDirs in IIS (Anonymous User & UNC User)

Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server provide helpful wizards for delegating permissions to users in AD. However, no wizard exists to let you view existing delegations. To do so, you must manually view the security settings that have been applied on containers and objects.

Microsoft recently released a tool that makes it easier to view existing permissions delegations. You can download the tool–called Dsrevoke–at Microsoft Web site. Dsrevoke reports on the permissions for a domain and/or organizational units (OUs) and also lets you remove permissions.

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VMWare reduziert nun deutlich die preise: der gsx server für 2 cpus kostet nun $1,400 und $2,800 für eine unbegrenzte anzahl von cpus. früher musste am $5,000 für eine 4 cpu lizenz und $10,000 für eine 8 cpu lizenz bezahlen…

zum vergleich: ms virtual server in der standard edition (also bis zu 4 cpus) kommt auf $499 und die enterprise edition (also bis zu 32 cpus) kommt auf $999 – wir kennen das ja schon, dass ms sich zuerst einmal mit dem preis marktanteile verschafft…

Most IT Professionals agree that having a lab for proper testing and staging is crucial to a stable, successful Citrix environment. However, some may argue that labs are complicated, costly and seemingly unjustified. Although these may seem like valid points, the risk of having your production environment come crashing down due to an untested patch or software upgrade proves that it’s well worth the time and cost of setting up a lab.

A lab is a great tool to have at your disposal. You can use it to test a new software release or security patch or possibly a new printer driver that a client is requesting. Perhaps you just want an environment where you can learn more about the inner workings of Citrix, Web Interface or Secure Gateway. If you’ll be faced with upgrading your production environment to MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0, it’s best to do a “dry run” in a lab before victimizing your production environment and possibly causing serious downtime.

Many times, people don’t build labs because there is no spare hardware, no space available, or simply no time to commit to assembling a lab. However, with the advent of server virtualization, building a lab can be accomplished with significantly less hardware and in a much shorter amount of time.

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das beste an dem virtual server von microsoft ist neben dem preis mit sicherheit die tatsache, dass er von microsoft supported wird. auch tools wie das Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit stellen einen absoluten mehrwert dar; doch es kommt noch mehr bewegung in die sache; das dokument Running Domain Controllers in Virtual Server 2005 sollte man auf jeden fall gelesen haben…

On servers running Windows Server 2003 and Virtual Server 2005, you can install multiple domain controllers in separate virtual machines. This platform is well suited for test environments. With strict adherence to requirements described in this paper, domain controller virtual machines can also be used in production.

auch, wenn der vmware esx server bei der virtualisierung und vergabe der ressourcen viel mehr möglichkeiten bietet (was ich vor kurzem auf zwei kursen ein wenig genauer kennenlernen durfte) und somit meist in produktiven umgebungen weit besser geeignet ist – so drängt sich ms immer mehr als alternative auf: preis, support, tools, whitepapers – gefällt mir 😉

Microsoft provides a useful command-line tool called err.exe that can help you find the meanings of error codes. When you run err.exe and specify an error code, the program searches all the error-code definitions from the various header files that Windows uses to generate a list of possible error meanings. You can download err.exe at Microsoft Web site. (Although the Web page is called “Exchange Server Error Code Look-up,” err.exe actually handles Windows OS error codes.)

You can use err.exe in several ways. Entering the command


with no parameters returns a list of all the header files the command checks. If you run err.exe and specify an error code–for example,

err 1645

the output looks like this:

# for decimal 1645 / hex 0x66d :
# The Windows Installer does not permit installation from a
# Remote Desktop Connection.
# for hex 0x1645 / decimal 5701 :
NELOG_NetlogonFailedToUpdateTrustList lmerrlog.h
SQL_5701_severity_10 sql_err
# Changed database context to ‘%.*ls’.
# 3 matches found for “1645”

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You can use the beta version of VSMT to create images of physical computers and deploy them in virtual machines running on Virtual Server 2005. With VSMT, you can migrate source computers running the following operating systems to virtual machines in Virtual Server 2005:

  • Windows NT 4.0 Server with Service Pack (SP) 6a, Standard and Enterprise Editions
  • Windows 2000 Server SP 4 or later
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP 4 or later
  • Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition
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    Yes, we love Outlook when it’s reminding us of appointments, helping us schedule meetings, alerting us of e-mail from the big boss, and keeping us honest with our deadlines. But then with no warning our adorable little pal goes all psycho on us. Searches crash the system. We find ourselves buried alive in an Inbox that’s out of room. And then there are those pernicious, pervasive, flesh-eating e-mail viruses. All too soon, our Outlook dream is a nightmare. And we can’t wake up.

    Outlook horror stories

    “For the next thirteen days, I attempted to restore the Exchange backup.”

    My thirteen days in Exchange Hell