this blog is german

this blog is german, but has got its first link from an english site (bruce elgort); therefore i’d like to mention the possibility of the bable fish translation service – yes, the translation is scandalous… 😀
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what does “konfabulieren” mean?
Confabulation is a memory disorder that may occur in patients who have sustained damage to both the basal forebrain and the frontal lobes, as after an aneurysm of the anterior communicating artery. Confabulation is defined as the spontaneous production of false memories: either memories for events which never occurred, or memories of actual events which are displaced in space or time. These memories may be elaborate and detailed. Some may be obviously bizarre, as a memory of a ride in an alien spaceship; others are quite mundane, as a memory of having eggs for breakfast, so that only a close family member can confirm that the memory is in fact false.