Error 4207: Function requires a valid ADT argument

warum bitte bringt mir Set NewDoc = Doc.CopyToDatabase(ZielDB) den fehler “Error 4207: Function requires a valid ADT argument???

Function CopyAllDocs(qserver As String, qdb As String, zpath As String, qview As String) As Integer On Error Goto ErrHand '-1 = error '>0 = ok Dim QuellDB As NotesDatabase Dim QuellView As NotesView Dim ZielDB As NotesDatabase Dim Session As New NotesSession Dim vc As NotesViewEntryCollection Dim entry As NotesViewEntry Dim Doc As NotesDocument Dim NewDoc As NotesDocument Dim f As Long Dim ActDB As Integer CopyAllDocs = -1 Set QuellDB = Session.GetDatabase(qserver, qdb, False ) QuellDB.FolderReferencesEnabled = True Set QuellView = QuellDB.GetView(qView) Set vc = quellview.AllEntries Set entry = vc.GetFirstEntry() Set Doc = entry.Document ActDB = 0 Set ZielDB = Session.GetDatabase(qserver,Cstr(ActDB)+"_"+qdb, False) For f = 1 To vc.Count If f = DBSchnittmarken(ActDB) Then Call WriteLog("Wechsle zu Ziel-DB Nr: " & Cstr(ActDB), Info) Print "Wechsle zu Ziel-DB Nr: " & Cstr(ActDB) ActDB = ActDB + 1 Set ZielDB = Session.GetDatabase(qserver,Cstr(ActDB)+"_"+qdb, False) End If Set entry = vc.GetNthEntry(f) Set Doc = entry.Document Set NewDoc = Doc.CopyToDatabase(ZielDB) Forall ActFolder In doc.FolderReferences Call NewDoc.PutInFolder(ActFolder,True) End Forall Next CopyAllDocs=1 Exit Function ErrHand: Call ErrHandSub() Resume Next End Function
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