Working with groups in LotusScript

In this article, we discuss two ways to work with groups. First, we look at the built-in LotusScript class, NotesAdministrationProcess, available in Lotus Notes/Domino 6.0 and later. This class can add members to groups, rename them, and delete them (along with many other functions not related to groups). There is no function to remove users from a group; however, if you use the administration process (AdminP) to remove users entirely, they will also be removed from groups. For more on the NotesAdministrationProcess class, see the article, “LotusScript: The NotesAdministrationProcess Class in Notes/Domino 6.

We also present two custom LotusScript classes that support a wider set of group operations. The code was written for Lotus Notes/Domino 6.0 and later; using it in release 5 requires some minor changes. The article contains a few sample agents that show how to use these classes for different tasks. The classes are not usable from COM because they use the List datatype internally, which Visual Basic does not support.

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