It’s not everyday someone offers you useful software at no cost but at DRC Consulting we’re giving away our latest anti-Spam product for Domino to Lotus Domino users. If your current anti-Spam solution costs you anything at all, read on!

dcShield is a server add-in task for Lotus Domino release 5, 6 and 7 servers which provides basic Spam detection and handling services. Running on any supported Domino platform it includes support for whitelists and blacklists (sender, subject text and body text), real-time DNS blacklists and whitelists, Sender Policy Framework (SPF), MIME scanning, mail rules and a selection of advanced spam filters from our flagship anti-spam product,

Operating as an add-in task on your Domino server, dcShield is easily administered using console commands like ‘tell dcshield stop’. Configuration is done via a Lotus Notes database, using your Notes client.

… kam eben per mail. ich habs noch nicht getestet, aber ein blick kann sicher nicht schaden.

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