dcShield – free Spam control for Domino

It’s not everyday someone offers you useful software at no cost but at DRC Consulting we’re giving away our latest anti-Spam product for Domino to Lotus Domino users. If your current anti-Spam solution costs you anything at all, read on!

dcShield is a server add-in task for Lotus Domino release 5, 6 and 7 servers which provides basic Spam detection and handling services. Running on any supported Domino platform it includes support for whitelists and blacklists (sender, subject text and body text), real-time DNS blacklists and whitelists, Sender Policy Framework (SPF), MIME scanning, mail rules and a selection of advanced spam filters from our flagship anti-spam product, no.Spam.java.

Operating as an add-in task on your Domino server, dcShield is easily administered using console commands like ‘tell dcshield stop’. Configuration is done via a Lotus Notes database, using your Notes client.

… kam eben per mail. ich habs noch nicht getestet, aber ein blick kann sicher nicht schaden.

10 thoughts on “dcShield – free Spam control for Domino

  1. I am testing it. It works. A bit. It is VERY VERY basic, uneasy to config and the whole look and feel is so R4 you won’t believe it. It filters some spam out though, but my av. score is about 60%. Can’t get the quarantaine to work so using the dead mail option.

    BTW, in R6 the navigator (speaking about R4…) menu to open things won’t let me open the config so I have to use the text action.

    All in all a good initiative but hardly market-ready. Based on this free version I won’t consider it for a live envorionmennt.

  2. The product is meant to be a basic introductory spam solution for shops with low-medium mail flows, hence the simple interface and basic functionality. For more advanced protection we offer nsj. If you can’t get something to work, perhaps you could try asking support.

  3. das design ist tatsächlich etwas dürftig, aber bei mir funktioniert es eigentlich ohne probleme – wenn man sich halt mal eingelesen hat

  4. hey, das ist doch mal was! bei mir funktioniert es ansich ganz gut, ich habe bis jetzt mit kspam gearbeitet, jedoch ist dcshield für mich wesentlich einfacher zu konfigurieren.

    kann ich nur empfehlen!

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