BDC Meta Man – try Oracle, DB2, Web Services, MS Access now in Developer version

… wie bereits gestern vermutet bringt die developer version des bdc meta mans tatsächlich einige neuerungen:

Welcome to another Lightning Tools Newsletter,

Some exciting announcements this month, plus a great conference to attend!

Oracle, Web Services, DB2, Access available in Developer version
One of the most difficult things about building and selling software is licensing. In an ideal world we could all
give our software away for free and live of Google Ads but of course we all have bills to pay and wish to put more
and more effort into making our software better. One of the most common questions we’ve had with BDC Meta Man is
the wish to try out Oracle, DB2 or Web Service functionality before purchasing a license – which up until now
hasn’t been possible.
With version release of BDC Meta Man however you have the ability to use the free Developer version of BDC
Meta Man the same way you could with SQL Server. This means for Oracle, DB2, Web Services and MS Access you can
add entities, create an association, try out the write back web parts etc etc

So shoot over to the Lightning Tools web site and get version of BDC Meta Man.