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… überall in den geschäften steht schon der ramsch und auch die christkindl märkte öffnen bald wieder; doch auch die leute, die lieber beim computer sitzen bleiben können es sich weihnachtlich machen; wie wäre es z.b. mit einem in 6 verschiedenen farben blinkenden USB Schneemann?

oder wie wärs mit einem nikolaus, der 5 verschiedene weihnachtslieder trommelt? natürlich mit usb….
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Yes, we love Outlook when it’s reminding us of appointments, helping us schedule meetings, alerting us of e-mail from the big boss, and keeping us honest with our deadlines. But then with no warning our adorable little pal goes all psycho on us. Searches crash the system. We find ourselves buried alive in an Inbox that’s out of room. And then there are those pernicious, pervasive, flesh-eating e-mail viruses. All too soon, our Outlook dream is a nightmare. And we can’t wake up.

Outlook horror stories

“For the next thirteen days, I attempted to restore the Exchange backup.”

My thirteen days in Exchange Hell

Ever since Microsoft began bundling Terminal Services with Windows 2000 Server, users have asked, “Why should I pay for Citrix when Windows Terminal Services is free?”

“Sometimes you shouldn’t,” says Tim Reeser, chairman and CFO of Engineering Computer Consultants, a Citrix Platinum Reseller in Ft. Collins, Colo., and author of the recently published book Citrix MetaFrame for Windows Server 2003: The Official Guide. “When people ask, I tell them that for any deployment under 75 users, you can do reasonably well with just Terminal Services.”

Decisions, Decisions
Citrix vs. Windows Terminal Services: Learn More

ScribbliesBrite 0.4 – ist doch ausgefallen, oder? :mrgreen:

Hab ich gerade bei Spotlight gelesen, hier nochmal zusammengefasst:

Wenn man den Hintergrund des Workspaces ändern möchte, kann man das wie folgt machen:

– sich den ResourceHacker besorgen
– die nnotesws.dll im RH öffnen
– die Bitmaps 2574, 2578 und 2579 entsprechend anpassen / ersetzen
– die nnotesws.dll ersetzen (zuvor natürlich eine eine Sicherheitskopie erstellen oder die ursprüngliche Kopie umbennen)

Achtung: Das Manipulieren von dll-Dateien könnte durchaus durch die Lizenzbedingungen verboten sein.

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gibts hier:

AccExp – Account expiration tool.

AdFind – Active Directory query tool.

AdMod – Active Directory modification tool.

ATSN – IP to Subnet/Site Information tool.

Auth – Authentication test tool.

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endlich gibt es das tool NotesPeek auch als beta für nd6; mit diesem tool ist es möglich alle informationen einer db einzusehen.

NotesPeek was written for technical Domino administrators who want to see a more raw view of their Notes databases than the Notes client provides. It presents the information in Notes databases as it is available through the Notes API.

NotesPeek is based on a containment hierarchy: Notes servers have databases, databases have documents, documents have items, etc. For the most part, this containment hierarchy is that presented by the API. Selecting a line in the tree view on the left displays information about that line in the text view on the right.

NotesPeek displays almost all of the data available through the Notes API. Where data cannot be interpreted because its format is not documented, it is displayed as a hex dump.

hier gibts NotesPeek für R5.

In a single word, how would one describe the mood of the Lotus user community? Depressed.

Following our recent column on Lotus conspiracy theories, we asked our readers if they believe there is a secret tech industry conspiracy to keep Lotus Notes and Domino down.

However, the majority of respondents told us that there’s really no conspiracy. Users believe the decline of Notes and Domino is directly tied to slick marketing on the part of Microsoft, and IBM’s inability to respond in two key areas: effective marketing and its user interface. A flashier, trendier UI, users said, would help improve decision makers’ opinion of Notes.

Even though the Notes and Domino community still believes its platform is far superior to Microsoft’s, users are upset that IBM is seemingly content with its “also-ran” status, making them feel like second-class citizens.

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das tool googlefilter installiert sich als art “plugin” und passt die resultate jeder google suche automatisch an; “spam” wird deutlich als solcher markiert…


naja, 100% ist es nicht :mrgreen:

  • Automated Deployment Services (ADS). Available as a download, ADS for Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, includes a new set of imaging tools that enable you to automate the deployment of Microsoft operating systems.
  • Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM). For organizations that require flexible support for directory-enabled applications, ADAM is a breakthrough in directory services technology based on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).
  • File Replication Services (FRS) Monitoring Tools. A number of tools are available for managing FRS, the replication engine that keeps Distributed File System (DFS) shares synchronized, including both continuous monitoring tools, such as Ultrasound and Sonar, and snapshot troubleshooting tools such as FRSDiag.
  • Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). GPMC simplifies the management of Group Policy by making it easier to understand, deploy, manage, and troubleshoot Group Policy implementations.
  • Identity integration. Identity Integration Feature Pack for Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory manages identities and coordinates user details across Active Directory, ADAM, Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, and Exchange Server 2003 implementations, enabling you to combine identity information for a given user or resource into a single, logical view.
  • iSCSI support. Available as a free download, the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) software initiator package works with the Windows platform to help provide low-cost, highly efficient IP-based storage area networks (SANs).
  • Windows SharePoint Services. Windows SharePoint Services sites take file storage to a new level, providing communities for team collaboration and making it easy for users to work together on documents, tasks, contacts, events, and other information.
  • Services for UNIX 3.5. Available as a free download, Services for UNIX 3.5 provides services that enable seamless interoperability with UNIX servers, such as an NFS and NIS server, as well as tools and services to help customers migrate applications from UNIX to Windows.
  • Windows Rights Management Services (RMS). A milestone of trustworthy computing, RMS is an information protection technology that works with RMS-enabled applications to help safeguard digital information from unauthorized use.
  • hier gehts zu den details – ebenfalls spannend: Windows Server Road Map Deliverables