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A guide to the Out of Office functionality in Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino is now available, along with a list of frequently asked questions.
The Out of Office guide consists of four parts, each linked to below. You can review this information to learn more about the Out of Office functionality.

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Archiving through Domino server policies does not work with a user who’s Domino server name (found in the user’s Person document) is changed from upper case to lower case.

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering.

The casing (uppercase and lowercase) that is used to register the server must match the casing that is used in the “Server name” field of the Person document; otherwise, archiving will not work.

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in der Lotus Domino server licensing FAQ werden einige sehr wichtige fragen beantwortet; z.b., dass multicore nicht nur mehr leistung, sondern vor allem auch mehr lizenzkosten mit sich bringen:

Multi-core technology allows two or more processors (commonly called “cores”) to be active on a single silicon chip. With multi-core technology, IBM considers each “core” to be a physical processor. For example, in a dual-core chip, there are two physical processors residing on the single silicon chip.

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… die archivsettings policy funkt zwar erstaunlicherweise ohne probleme, jedoch kann ich mir auf den db’s jetzt die archiv-settings nicht mehr ansehen šŸ™

This white paper introduces you to the Lotus Notes/Domino calendar and scheduling schema in release 5 and later. It describes the different document types and the fields on each document.

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Domino Web Access denkt mit

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This tool will detect and identify problem documents in a database which have files attached with broken links to the Body field. It does this by scanning through all of the CD records in a given rich text field. The tool can be set to run on a specific form or look at a specific field with command line parameters. The defaults are for the Memo and Reply forms and the Body field. This tool is supported for double-byte character sets as well.

eigentlich sollte man meinen, dass das springen zu zeilen standard ist – im notes designer sucht man diese funktionalität allerdings vergebens; abhilfe schafft LotusScript GoTo… traurig, dass man dafür ein tool benötigt.