vor allem in der 6er version ist die ladezeit des acrobat readers nervig lange; zu viele plugins, die man meist nicht benoetigt. klar kann man diese manuell entfernen, aber konfortabler geht das mit PDF SpeedUp (download)


Free PDF Tweak Utility for Adobe Acrobat v3.0 to v5.5, Adobe Reader v6.0, v6.01, v6.02
Enable or disable the plug-ins as needed
Turn off all Updates features
Disable the splash screen during program startup
Remove the My eBooks folder created in My Documents
Turn off the advertisements for Adobe products in the upper-right corner of the toolbar
Remove PrintMe and Adobe Reader icons
Disable Browser Integration
Disable confirmation dialog when closing Adobe Reader
Better speed for LAN and Cable connection
Clear Adobe Reader Recent Files History
Restore to original settings at any time

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