The DatabaseProperties class was created to manage Notes databases in small to enterprise-wide domains using LotusScript and the Lotus C API to set most database settings on release 5 and 6 databases that you can set via the Notes client, but that you don’t manage via LotusScript directly.

You can enable/disable or change the name of this property in a Notes database.

On the Database Properties Box Basic tab:
Disable background agents for this database
Allow use of stored forms in this database
Display images after loading
Web Access: Use JavaScript when generating Page
Web Access: Require SSL Connection

On the Design Properties tab:
Template Name: The template name of a database, if the database is a template.
Design Template Name: The name of the design template from which a database inherits its design.
List In Database Catalog
Show in ‘Open Database’ Dialog
Do not mark modified documents as unread
Include in Multi Database indexing
Multilingual database
Multilingual database – Default Language Combobox
Multilingual database – Default Region Combobox
Multilingual database – Default Sort Order Combobox

On the Advanced tab:
Don’t maintain unread marks
Document table bitmap optimization
Maintain Last Accessed property
Disable transaction logging
Allow soft deletions
Don’t support specialized response hierarchy
Allow more fields in database
Use LZ1 compression for attachment
Limit the size of $Revisions fields
Undelete Expire Time in Hours
Limit the size of $Revisions fields

On the Replication Settings dialog box:
Send Tab: Do not send deletions made in this replica to other replicas
Other Tab: Temporarily Disable Replication

Advanced Function:
Get the total size of the full text index in byte of a database
Get the Database ODS version
Hide Design option only disables the Notes client options from looking at a selected database’s design elements
Refreshing a design of a database from a server
Design element: Remove (set blank) in every design document Design Tab (Design Source) the property inherit from design template
Design element: Disable/remove check in every design document Design Tab (Design Source) the property prohibit design refresh or replace to modify

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