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nachdem kurz nach dem erscheinen von nd7 die notes und domino downloads von ibm wieder entfernt wurden (angeblich nicht wegen einem bug), sind diese nun endlich wieder verfügbar.

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7 products are now available for download.

If you downloaded Lotus Notes and Domino 7 GA products on or prior to Friday, 2 September 2005, please note: Some IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7 products were temporarily unavailable for download while we corrected a problem with the distribution site. Please be aware that this problem did not involve the executable code. It concerned an administrative issue with downloading the proper license agreement for these products.

You do not need to re-install the product.


die downloadrate ist wie üblich sehr akzeptabel…

die sehr praktische zusammenstellung der limits in notes/domino wurde um die version 7 erweitert; ist (mindestens) einen blick wert!

that’s cool – i didn’t know that:

Notes 7:
Notes 7 includes new instant meeting functionality such as Application Sharing, Whiteboard, IP Audio, and IP Video. This is the same instant meeting functionality that is available from the Sametime Connect client.

Notes 6.5.x:
The only meeting functionality available in Note 6.5.x is a chat meeting, which is three or more people in a chat session.

see this technote

domino 7 ist nun endlich verfügbar – wenn auch ohne db2 support (man kann aber am IBM Lotus Domino and DB2 feature for Domino 7 program teilnehmen). über die passport advantage seite kann man neben notus und domino 7 unter anderem auch sametime, aber z.b. noch kein quickplace herunterladen.

folgende artikel sind es wert gelesen zu werden:

New features in Lotus Domino 7.0

New features in Lotus Notes and Domino Designer 7.0

Obsolete NOTES.INI variables in Domino 7.x

How is the IBM Lotus Domino 7 and DB2 Feature Being Offered and Supported?

Supported Configurations for Upgrade to Notes Domino Extended Products 7.0

Supported Versions for Interoperability Among the Domino Extended Products

Two top market research firms, Gartner and IDC, have published new reports showing IBM lost yet more e-mail market share to Microsoft in 2004.

Both research firms now say Microsoft Exchange is king of e-mail, a market Notes once dominated with more than a 60% share.

IDC says sales of Exchange grew 23% in 2004, to $950 million, while Notes sales grew 5% to $745 million. By the end of 2004, Exchange held 51% of the market, versus 40% for Notes, IDC says. That’s a wider gap than in 2003, when IDC estimated Exchange held a 47% market share versus 43% for Notes.

Gartner estimates Exchange now has a 48% market share versus 45.2% for Notes.

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bei meinen group-upgrade nacht sessions entdecke ich immer die spannensten sachen – mcafee mag den win2k3 sp1 server nicht so ganz 🙂

von den anderen (richtigen) dramen red ich lieber erst gar nicht…

aber die reports sind echt genial!!!!

die neue masche: microsoft wirbt lotus entwickler ins exchange server team ab; die letzten beispiele: julio estrada (lotus domino web server und lotus quickplace) und bob congdon (workplace).


sehr gute technote:

Below is a list of the technotes most frequently consulted to answer questions or solve problems about the Lotus Notes client. This list is compiled from technote usage data collected by our internal Support teams in their work to resolve customer incidents, and is supplemented with data of the most frequently accessed documents on the Lotus Support Services Web site.

ANTRID” or “A Notes Tool for Replica IDs” allows Domino Administrators to change the Replica ID of Lotus Notes databases.

These functions are particularly useful when a database has been created as a new copy of another database, when it should have been created as a replica, or vice versa.

ANTRID Release 6.00 – works with all versions of Notes and Domino including 6.x