The final beta release for Notes and Domino and the Extended Products 7, Beta 4, is now available!

The Beta 4 release consists of:
– Notes and Domino 7
– Domino Web Access (DWA)
– DB2 Access for Domino (DAV support)
– Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI)
– QuickPlace
– Sametime
– Document Manager
– Domino Global Workbench (DGW)
– SwiftFile application

See the Lotus Notes/Domino 7 Release Notes for a detailed list of all features in Beta 4.

With the Domino Web Access 6.5.3 hotfix (included in DWA 6.5.4 and later), Domino Web Access boasts an improvement in client response time of 30 to 40 percent (most notable on low-end machines) over DWA 6.5.3 without the hotfix. Beyond the hotfix, there are measures that both administrators and users can take to improve performance. But a performance improvement in one area may also have an unexpected impact in another area. To make the right decision, you need to know the options available to you and the impact your decision may have.

This article presents the performance results for the Domino Web Access 6.5.3 hotfix. It also describes the settings that administrators and users can use to improve performance and the expected results of using those settings.

also: upgrade auf 6.5.4 !

wer einen 5er oder 6er notes client auf citrix einzusetzen will, der sollte unbedingt das jeweilige dokument beim ibm support lesen – denn: nur so wird es von ibm supported!

Basic Steps for Installing Lotus Notes 6 on a Citrix MetaFrame Server
How to Install Notes R5 Client on a Citrix MetaFrame Server

ohne viel worte zu verlieren – diesen artikel bei ed brill über “hannover” solltest du unbedingt lesen!

es gibt auch einige screen-shots zu bewundern; folgender kleiner ausschnitt macht wirklich hoffnung, dass wir endlich das bekommen, was wir schon immer wollten:


weiterer lesestoff:
ibm hannover faq
With the unveiling of the next release of Lotus Notes, code-named “Hannover,” IBM articulates roadmap, demonstrates commitment

ein detail im bezug auf die archivierung, dass ich noch nicht kannte – obwohl ich schon oft nach solch einer einfachen lösung gesucht habe – steht in dieser technote: Are Calendar Documents Archived in Notes?

es muss einfach ein feld namens ProtectFromArchive mit dem wert 1 in die zu schützenden dokumente eingefügt werden (bzw. gleich in die maske hinzugefügt werden) – und schon wird das dokument nicht archiviert (ausser natürlich über die funktion “ausgewählte dokumente”)

soll angeblich in r5 und nd6 funktionieren, ich habs aber noch nicht getestet…

It’s not everyday someone offers you useful software at no cost but at DRC Consulting we’re giving away our latest anti-Spam product for Domino to Lotus Domino users. If your current anti-Spam solution costs you anything at all, read on!

dcShield is a server add-in task for Lotus Domino release 5, 6 and 7 servers which provides basic Spam detection and handling services. Running on any supported Domino platform it includes support for whitelists and blacklists (sender, subject text and body text), real-time DNS blacklists and whitelists, Sender Policy Framework (SPF), MIME scanning, mail rules and a selection of advanced spam filters from our flagship anti-spam product,

Operating as an add-in task on your Domino server, dcShield is easily administered using console commands like ‘tell dcshield stop’. Configuration is done via a Lotus Notes database, using your Notes client.

… kam eben per mail. ich habs noch nicht getestet, aber ein blick kann sicher nicht schaden.

The Design Library, a Notes NSF file, is intended to be opened in the Notes client. It contains code samples for various useful functions and reusable design element descriptions. The latter provides documentation for a design element that you can add to one of your own databases by clicking a button.

A sampling of the functionality to be found here:

– Table Editing – A couple of different ways to store tabular information in a Notes document using multi-valued fields, allowing the user to edit one row at a time.
– Progress Bar – Display a percent complete graph while running long processes.
– @Functions script library – LotusScript implementations of various useful list-oriented @Functions, such as @Word and @Explode. A lot of these have been implemented in Notes 6 for string arguments, but these also work in release 5 and on array arguments.
– “Don’t show me this message again” checkbox for Notes applications.
– Comparison of any two documents side by side.
– A more efficient history footer subform showing the author and time of the last several edits of a document.
– A better Newsletter class.
– Object collection classes in LotusScript — Queue and Linked List.
– Compact all databases (locally or on a server).
– Scan a server for database ACL problems and for multiple replicas of the same database.
– Remove orphaned response documents agent.
– ” SendKeys” library sends keystrokes to the Windows OS.

Quick Elementer is a document based design element implementer. It is very much like the group objects in Teamstudio’s Design Manager (formally Teamstudio Librarian). Elementer will perform the task of coping and pasting design elements form one database to another. I created this because I am a big believer in code reuse using templates and got tired of copying and pasting!

new in version 1.1:
Quick Elementer can now copy elements and inherit elements on the same document.

hilfe gibts in diesem artikel beim ibm support

dass ein doppelter rechtsklick sofern der notes client vernünftig konfiguriert ist das aktive fenster schließt dürfte kein großes geheimnis sein – in wahrheit ist dies eine funktionalität die einfach, aber absolut genial und praktisch ist; leider eben nur innerhalb des notes clients.

doch es gibt abhilfe – mit dem tool ICODEX ARC funktioniert dies auch ausserhalb des notes clients!

How many times have you double clicked the right mouse button or pressed the ESCape key on your keyboard and expected the window of a non Notes application to close? – I can’t count as to how many times I have …