endlich gibt es das tool NotesPeek auch als beta für nd6; mit diesem tool ist es möglich alle informationen einer db einzusehen.

NotesPeek was written for technical Domino administrators who want to see a more raw view of their Notes databases than the Notes client provides. It presents the information in Notes databases as it is available through the Notes API.

NotesPeek is based on a containment hierarchy: Notes servers have databases, databases have documents, documents have items, etc. For the most part, this containment hierarchy is that presented by the API. Selecting a line in the tree view on the left displays information about that line in the text view on the right.

NotesPeek displays almost all of the data available through the Notes API. Where data cannot be interpreted because its format is not documented, it is displayed as a hex dump.

hier gibts NotesPeek für R5.

In a single word, how would one describe the mood of the Lotus user community? Depressed.

Following our recent column on Lotus conspiracy theories, we asked our readers if they believe there is a secret tech industry conspiracy to keep Lotus Notes and Domino down.

However, the majority of respondents told us that there’s really no conspiracy. Users believe the decline of Notes and Domino is directly tied to slick marketing on the part of Microsoft, and IBM’s inability to respond in two key areas: effective marketing and its user interface. A flashier, trendier UI, users said, would help improve decision makers’ opinion of Notes.

Even though the Notes and Domino community still believes its platform is far superior to Microsoft’s, users are upset that IBM is seemingly content with its “also-ran” status, making them feel like second-class citizens.

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DominoScan II presents an “attacker’s eye” view of the security of Lotus Domino web servers and bespoke Notes applications. Although DominoScan II is stand alone software running on Microsoft Windows (NT / 2000 / XP) it can audit Lotus Domino web servers that are running on any operating system.

DominoScan II employs a proprietary technique developed by the NGS Software development team known as “Database Structure Enumeration”. This technique allows DominoScan II to find every single view (hidden or visible), form and agent within a database (even where ACLS access protection has been invoked). After enumerating every document, DominoScan II will then perform a battery of tests on each and every single document. In total, DominoScan will enumerate and audit over one hundred sensitive and default databases, and put each of these (and the documents within) through a vigorous set of vulnerability assessment checks.

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wie kann man sicherstellen, dass änderungen in gruppen sofort wirksam werden?

mit “show nlcache” sieht man den status des caches
mit “show nlcache reset” resettet man diesen

über das thema lotus notes, exchange und winmail.dat attachments habe ich bereits einmal kurz geschrieben – doch es gibt mehrere weitere tools, die solche anhänge extrahieren können; diese sind auf aufgelistet.

eine auflistung der maximalen länge sowie der gültigen zeichen für:

  • Organization Certifier Name
  • Organization Unit Certifier Name
  • Country Code
  • Password – Organization (OU and Server/User)
  • Server Name
  • Notes Network Name
  • Notes Port Name
  • User First Name + User Last Name
  • User Middle Initial
  • Notes Domain Name
  • gibt es bei lotus support

    The DatabaseProperties class was created to manage Notes databases in small to enterprise-wide domains using LotusScript and the Lotus C API to set most database settings on release 5 and 6 databases that you can set via the Notes client, but that you don’t manage via LotusScript directly.

    You can enable/disable or change the name of this property in a Notes database.

    On the Database Properties Box Basic tab:
    Disable background agents for this database
    Allow use of stored forms in this database
    Display images after loading
    Web Access: Use JavaScript when generating Page
    Web Access: Require SSL Connection

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    beim löschen eines users fragt man sich schon –

    ist das jetzt ein widerspruch oder doch, weil es sich ja um domino handelt, pleonasmus?

    so nebenbei möchte ich mal erwähnen, welche funktionalitäten mir am notes 7 client am besten gefallen:

  • der weitere ausbau des multithreadings; z.b. beim view-aufbau:
  • die programmierbaren kontextmenus
  • das “new” menu (obwohl das im outlook noch immer praktischer ist)
  • die option “Save Windows State” – durch die nach einem neustart wieder alle datenbanken automatisch geöffnet werden
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    What are the differences in the Server document between Release 5.x and 6.x? The server form contains some newer features in Domino 6.x, which are distributed across the different tabs. What are these newer features?

    kann man bei Lotus Support Services nachlesen.